About Berkati

Berkati translated

A small introduction of the word berkati: The word berkati is a conjugation of the Indonesian verb berkat. Berkat has several meanings, but in the context of berkati, the word berkat means blessing or favor. 

The literal translation of berkati is bless.


Why Berkati?

By putting things in the right perspective, one can see, how blessed they truly are. A great way to do this, is to focus on things already accomplished and valuing the people around you. As a result, thankfulness begins to emerge. The overflow of thankfulness can be used to bless others. That is also the heart and vision of Berkati, to bless others from your own happiness.

"Diberkati untuk memberkati" 
Blessed to bless.


How does Berkati bless others?

It's one thing to say you want to bless others, but it's another thing to actually be doing things to bless others. So how does Berkati do this?

In the patriarchel society of Indonesia, most men and women have their specific traditional roles. At Berkati we choose to work with suppliers that stimulate the emancipation of women and those that create equal opportunities for women in the workplace. By chosing them, we help Indonesian women to become more independant, so they can create their own happiness.


Furthermore, about 70 percent of the bracelets are made by female artisans. We want to support these artisans and create more employment opportunities, by purchasing from them. By doing this we also help the local communities in Indonesia to provide for their families.